How to use this Archive

You are currently on the HOME page of this digital Archive and will see the five navigation links to access all the areas of the site. The two links: FAMILY and ARCHIVE give you access to all the material in the Archive where, as digitised items are added over the coming months, there will be increasing amounts of material to browse and available to download.

To understand who is related to whom it would be good to be able to present an overall Family Tree. With over 800 individuals in the tree related to the Archive it is not possible to represent this on the computer screen! To make some sense of the relationships, single page summaries are available for key individuals, within which are active hyperlinks to other individuals whose material is published on the site - move the cursor around and active links will show themselves for those individuals whose material has already been uploaded.. These are accessed via the FAMILY Menu drop-down item. The GEDCOM file containing all the records currently collated will be available to download in due course.

The FAMILY area is a good place to start. This will will take you to a summary page containing thumbnails of individual family members whose data has been uploaded to the site. Click on one of these people and you will go to a single page that gives you background information about the individual and where they fit in the family.

Then head to the ARCHIVE page…you can get there either from the main ARCHIVE link in the top menu,  or clicking on the link towards the top of the page in the individual FAMILY pages where you can also see the number documents that have been uploaded to the Archive,

The ARCHIVE area holds all the material that exists for the individual family members. Ultimately it is intended that the structure of the Archive will be based upon family trees, clearly showing family groupings and providing live links to individuals therein. Meanwhile, as this is ‘work in progress’ the Archive is simply organised as folders of material related to individuals, identified by their full name and date of birth.

Additional material, unrelated to specific individuals, is also available in cluding:
     * Scans and reviews of Kidderminster Infirmary Records
     * Archive Management Policy

Unsurprisingly individuals will have varied amounts of content associated with their lives. These have been organised into a folder structure collating DOCUMENTS, IMAGES and MEDIA separately. Under the first two groupings are sub-folders, only displaying if there is content in the relevant area. The MEDIA folder contains audio and video files and are currently only available for John Lionel and John Weston. The structure is as follows:






This should help you get the best from this Archive...please use the Contact Page if you need any more help.