memoirs of the iodine surgeon cover page

This is Lionel's story, in his own words, but with an additional 45 pages of material added as an Addenda, reproducing much of his published material, including the original iodine paper from the British Medical Journal in 1909.

No doubt disappointed that he never saw his book published before he died, we are fortunate that a single copy of the manuscript survived and that his great grandson has been able to publish this important book which was launched in Kidderminster Town Hall in October 2012 by Richard Taylor, Consultant Physician and former MP for Wyre Forest.

Written for a general readership and with very strong opinions on many topics, Lionel is not afraid to record them in his book and the reader will appreciate the currency of many of his comments today.

The book has been well received in published reviews:

Pulse Today - Feb 2013:
"From reading this book, we can tell not only that Lionel lived his life to the full, but also that he was a clever and influential man who made great developments in global surgical techniques. An entertaining and inspiring read for medics and laymen alike."

The British Journal of Hospital Medicine - Feb 2013:
"This fascinating book gives an interesting account of general medical and surgical practice from the late Victorian era up to the 1930s...Those were the days when so many of the advances we take for granted today were not even dreamed about. It is written in a lively style and makes a good read."

The Royal College of Nursing Newsletter - March 2013:
"Stretton appreciated the role of  nurses and was keen to help with their education...This book is a gem of medical history, told in fascinating detail by a clever and dedicated man who deserves to be much better known."

Following publication of his book, Lionel features in the March 2013 edition of the Royal College of Surgeon's monthly Bulletin, under their Saints and Sinners feature.

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