Two books have been written about John Lionel Stretton, Lionel's autobiography and Nigel Gilbert's history of the Stretton family's medical history. Both are available for sale on the site.

  • memoirs of the iodine surgeon cover page

    This is Lionel's story, in his own words, but with an additional 45 pages of material added as an Addenda, reproducing much of his published material, including the original iodine paper from the British Medical Journal in 1909.

  • Dr Stretton I presume cover

    Kidderminster boasts a unique place in medical history, having been served by three generations of surgeons from the same family for almost 100 years. Dr Stretton, I Presume, written by local historian Nigel Gilbert and published in 2012, tells, not only the medical story of these three surgeons, but also the wider health and environmental issues upon which they campaigned.